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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hollywood tried to run over my pet gerbil

Forgive for the provocative title of this entry. It was only the gimmick for the attempt to make the reader more excited about reading these very words you are just now reading, congratulations. Be at rest, for I do not even own the gerbil for pet, nor do I have any idea what sort of animal is being a "gerbil." That is just a word I heard person use once. I think it is like a rabbit or a sow. Anyway, Mr. Fando have the interesting idea about what might make a movie extra good for Hollywood, about how it could be a movie about people writing on a blog. I take the suggestions of Fando serious because, as you will learn in due time, he has a most good education in the USA college system. I think maybe he went to Southwestern North Carolina State College, with a BA in something about money and papers, but he can clarify that whatever he wants to do. My point is that I change my screenplay. Really, I didn't know where to go with my first script because I killed the main character, Fernando, on the first page. I thought maybe to have a ghost come back, the Ghost Fernando, who begin to haunt a house of a lady who will fall in love with him and make him back into the real person from the ghost, but it all get too convoluted, like pie filling with too many ants in it. So I will make screenplay about blog. Here is a hint and a taste.


Lady in Red -- Ooh, Reginaldo, I see something so huge rolling down the highway! Eek!

Reginaldo -- Dear lady, it is the blog! It is going to crush us!

Lady in Red -- Darn blast those USA government radiation experiments they do on gerbils. It create a giant blog rolling down the street!

Reginaldo -- We are running but cannot get away! Our legs are too short!


I like the first scene very many, but now I must consider where to go for scene two. Will Roseanne Barr be available to play the blog? Maybe throw in a good old fashioned Lon Chaney to play Lady in Red, and for the topping of whipped cream and dulce de leche, we could get Marky Mark for the Reginaldo part. Hurray for money I will get from this project!


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