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Saturday, March 19, 2005

March Madness Mania

64 teams, 32 games, another 16 games with 32 teams, 4 brackets, 8 locations, nearly 2000 cheerleaders, one dozen bald coaches, 72,000 frankfurters and at least 30,000 beers snuck in...who can keep track of it all?

I had Slippery Rock to win it all but they appear to have been knocked out at some point in the tournament...did anyone catch that game?

Seriously, with four games going on at the same time, it's a bit hard to keep track of the scores. Sooner or later the following's going to happen:

Announcer: And Smith has the ball and he's dribbling downcourt and time is running out and he's just holding on to the ball...what's he doing? And that's time and the game and State loses by one! What was Smith thinking?

Smith (in the postgame interview): I looked up at the scoreboard and it said we were up by two, and then right after the game as I was jumping up and down and celebrating, my teammate Joe came over and told me that was the Michigan State score and that we were still down by one and that I'm an idiot who should never step on a basketball court again. (Indistiguishable reporter's voice in background) Yes...yes sir, that was when the big fight started.

Still, if they want real action, they should play all the regional games on the same court at the same time. It would be exactly like warm-ups with 4 or 5 balls all floating towards the same rim. I'd like to see someone score twenty under those conditions.


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