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Monday, May 09, 2005

Off in a Huff!

While we at DOUI strive to remain non-political in our choice of topics, primarily for fear of hacking-off half our potential audience (as opposed to our current audience, which is around 7, God bless you all), we do take note of blogs. Well, because that's what we do around here in case you haven't noticed. I saw you roll your eyes, Reader number 4.

Anyway, today saw the release of a new major media blog, The Huffington Report, excuse me, the Huffington Post. While political commentary will no doubt be featured on a blog published by a former candidate for Governor of California (I believe Arianna finshed just ahead of Gary Coleman's bid representing the Anger Party), the most intriguing aspect of this new blog for those of us in the comedy-blogging business is that many well known celebrities will be blogging "off the Huff". Some of Arianna's most well-known catches include Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Gwyneth Paltrow, John Cusack, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Mr. Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

The most wonderful thing about blogging is how people who were shortly before leading quiet and private lives, are suddenly free to open themselves up to say pretty much any bleeding thing that enters their heads, no matter how much it sounds like it's the alcohol talking. (I'm only on one beer, so stop laughing, Reader number 6.) Since blogging is so immediate, there's a very good chance that in this case, much of what's said won't even get run by anyone's publicist. That low sandpapery sound you hear is every comedy writer in North America rubbing their hands in glee.

That also means those of us here, on slow days, will have somewhere else to turn to for an easy post or two besides Yahoo!'s Odd News section.

Thanks Arianna! It's like being a kid at Christmas again. Listen, do us a favour and see if you can get Brittney, Justin, and Drew to blog a bit. We have no idea what their politics are but we're sure anything they'd have to say might be smashingly funny.

P.S. I'd ask for William Shatner too, but Arianna doesn't have that kind of clout.


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