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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Stove-top sloughing

Earl, I am sensitive to your fears of facial sloughing, post facial implant so I have been working with the researchers at The Adelaide and Meath Hospital in Dublin on a proper cure for this potential problem. Although they've mostly been trying to fondle my bum they have come up with a few ideas. The first was a zipper attachment that could be used to take the face on or off as one desires, eliminating the worries of rejection but bringing up the possibility of the person being insulted as a zipperhead. The second possibility would have been to make duplicate copies of the face and then if one sloughed off, just slap the next one on. Since this would have involved advancing medical science approximately five thousand years it wasn't deemed feasible. So they finally decided on this...

I'd go on but I'm scheduled for a 10 o'clock bum fondling with Dr. Lear.


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