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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Let the Oscars Countdown Begin!

  • Just 60 minutes until the red carpet show begins!
  • Just 61 minutes until Beyonce makes her first of 35 appearances!
  • Just 2 hours until the Oscar broadcast begins!
  • Just 2 hours and 1 minute until Jon Stewart's first Brokeback Mountain joke!
  • Just 2 hours and 2 minutes until the first Kodak Theatre audience groan of the evening!
  • Just 2 hours and 15 minutes to the first Oscar night commercial involving Budweiser, cows giving awards, and the sheep that gets the surprise award!
  • Just 2 hours and 21 minutes until the first "message" acceptance speech of the evening!
  • Just 2 hours and 17 minutes until the first self-indulgent "I owe my great success to..." acceptance speech of the evening!
  • Just 3 hours and 5 minutes until the first overproduced variety number of the evening!
  • Just 3 hours and 37 minutes until the first underproduced video/film presentation of the evening!
  • Just 3 hours and 49 minutes to the most embarrassing clevage outfit!
  • Just 4 hours and 29 minutes until Clint Eastwood falls asleep in the second row of the Kodak Theatre during a lengthy presentation on the importance of sound editing by Keanu Reeves!
  • Just 5 hours and nine minutes until the Irving Thalberg Award presentation, and everyone at home falling asleep!
  • Just 17 hours and 56 minutes until the Best Picture award!

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