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Friday, December 02, 2005

Squirrels and Dogs...The war begins

Stew, this is troubling news about the squirrels. Bob Geldof's nutter song aside (although I did like the line "I shake my hips in anger" - We should all do that more often), I fear that this is only the opening salvo in a massive squirrel counterattack to pay back dogs for the centuries of oppression, misery, and marking of trees that they have inflicted upon them.

In fact, intelligence agencies in this country have stumbled upon documents produced by squirrels that indicate they are planning to attack en masse. A particularly sinister document is reproduced below.

Clearly, these nut-storing, bird feeder-raiding, roof-invading, squeaky-talking little bastards have big plans afoot. Watch for packs of squirrels coordinating activity and keep your dogs close at hand.


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