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Monday, December 05, 2005

That was close!!!!!!!

I was finally able to pull myself away from those squirrels by throwing a handful of acorns in their eyes; but be warned, those little tree huggers are dynamite. While trying to devise a way to put squirrel-seeking thermonuclear warheads on the backs of Dobermans I ran across this article at the TechWeb website concerning my old nemesis Wikipedia, as opposed to my new nemesis, pine cone munching rodents. Once again DOUI is on the cutting edge as our expose of Wikipedia ran in April, although I don't remember much about it after the black helicopter people flashed me with those lights. Anyway, it all seems to be coming home to roost now for my friends over at the Wikipedia who I consider charlatans of the lowest rank. Here for instance is my bio at Wikipedia.

Stew Miller - Stew is the co-editor and piss boy for the online humor blog Dictionary of Unfortunate Ideas along with the outstandingly attractive and virile Earl Fando. Stew is known for his flights of fancy and appallingly bad grammar, but is sometimes funny allowing that you can get a fifth of Scotch into him. A metro-sexual with horrendous breath and a tin ear, he spends most of his time picking lint out of his navel with a specially fashioned paperclip. When not participating in this dreadful habit he wiles away the hours doing his Roscoe P. Coltrane imitation and trying to pick up sailors down at Portsmouth dock. People have referred to him as objectionable, disagreeable, unpleasant, contemptible, despicable, detestable, hateful, unhealthy, unwholesome, execrable, lousy, miserable, atrocious, heinous, unspeakable, barbarous, and uncivilized, and these people were his friends.

I researched further and found out that this smear campaign was the work of one: EF, as he's known in the Wiki world. Watch out EF, whoever you are, I'm gunnin' for ya.


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