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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hell's Bells! Where is everyone!

I take a little time off to recuperate and no one picks up the slack around here. Where's my Official Indiana Jones bullwhip?

OK - I'm mostly back and plan to pick up the pace. Some of the topics I hope to cover in the next few days:

  • How I found out my codiene was Vicodin. Is Earl an addict now?
  • Death is not on holiday: Antonioni and Bergman snuff it.
  • Speaking of death, it was 30 years ago yesterday that Elvis snuffed it in the loo. I just realized that I am the exact age he was when he went. I'm staying out of WCs the rest of the year.
  • Beckhampalooza! Becks US campaign. Is he a Scientologist? Is Posh an android? That sort of crap
  • More Physical Therapy!
  • Bourne Madness

OK - I hope that whet's appetites and gets us back on Blogger's Next Blog rotation.

BTW - I'm thinking of going solo with this thing. Yes, yes, I know that's the practical reality, but I'm checking to see if Stew and Nuffy are reading...