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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I've been dizzy lately...

...dealing with an episode of Meniere's Disease. I have a minor form of this, which means it only hits every two years or so and I can actually stand when the vertigo hits. By "stand," I mean wobble about the house holding on to walls and door frames. Since some people get this weekly or monthly, I'm very thankful that I have the minor version.

Nonetheless, it makes typing on a keyboard or even looking at the monitor a bit uncomfortable. By uncomfortable, I mean everything spins a bit and there's a fair amount of nausea, unless I hold my head in just the right spots.  Fortunately, the spots this time are sitting up and looking ahead, so I can watch television and do a little computing (if I don't look down at the keyboard too much).

When my head's in the wrong position, it's as though everything starts to spin clockwise, slowly at first, then repeating faster, as though it were in an elliptical loop from an avant garde minimalist 60's movie. So, I feel like I've been sleeping all week in a particularly wretched Andy Warhol film.

I;ve heard someone say that Meniere's is a lot like being violently drunk. This is why I don't ever drink more than one beer in a sitting.  I feel like someone hit me with a beer bottle.

I have no idea what Nuffy and Stew's excuses are, but apparently their episodes have lasted months. Heal my friends.

Actually, I'm schedule to have lunch with Nuffy tomorrow, so I'll ask.