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Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Hope Your Heart is Gentled

I can feel the healing coming on like a rolling stone gathering no moss. I hope you are all feeling better than you were just one or two weeks ago. I know with all of my neck meat that I am carrying on the political objectives of Peanip "Pip" Clowson by writing this blog, making cartoons, and encouraging the world to endure the end of all things which is upon us shortly. Jorge and Cakey have something to say about that. Grab a sack of bagel chips, an ice cold Cel-Ray, and sit back for another exciting adventure:

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The Story So Far

Between rounds of the Jorge-Cakey dust-up, I thought you might care for a little analysis.

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Big Changes in Motown...

... the Detroit Lions of the NFL have decided to respond to an 0-16 season with...


... a NEW LOGO!

Here's the new logo:

and here's the old one:

Oh, yeah. That'll help.

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