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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mastering Augusta Traditions

Well, another Masters has come and gone and Old Tom Morris has won his 47th title. No, wait, that can't be right. It was Phil "Lefty" Mickelson winning his third green jacket, with a confident 3 stroke win. Well done.

The Masters is steeped in tradition, but there are plenty we'll bet you didn't know about*.  If I ever get to see the tourney in person, I'm looking forward to checking out some of the following:

  • The running of the NOW demonstrators
  • The climbing of the Eisenhower Tree
  • The annual Sneaking of Gary McCord into Butler Cabin
  • Rae's Creek Slip 'n' Slide Challenge
  • Jim Nantz Punch Dub Sunday
  • Sweatervestapalooza
  • Take an Azalea home day
  • The eating of the Sloppy Joes
  • The streaking of the champions up Magnolia Lane
  • Hit the village fool at the driving range
  • Disco Saturday
  • 7th green chug-a-lug
  • The hiding of the amateurs' tee shots
  • The annual pie-ing of the CBS color commentators
  • Doing the Wave whenever someone puts a ball in the water
  • Stealing the 16th green flag
  • Bermuda Shorts Friday
  • Riding the Donkey into Rae's Creek
  • Habanero Mint Julep Thursday
  • The chasing off of the Tiger groupies

*That's mainly because they don't exist, but doggone it, they should!

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