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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Earl Fando Devoured by Zombie Squirrels!

It's still technically April Fools Day, of course, so I thought I'd throw that dog a bone.

Of course, in past years we've already cataloged some of the greatest pranks in history to show you how a really good one is done. We've also provided a fair amount of advice on how to construct a really good, convincing April Fools joke.

Anyone can do the average "There's a spider on your shoulder!" gag, evinced by the three dozen times I swatted pointlessly at my shoulder, today.  Also, there's no end of dull, political gags where some political wag inexplicably converts to an arch-rival organization - although I will admit that the "Keith Olbermann Falls Out with Al Gore" headlines today left me tittering from their sheer implausibility.

So, don't settle like I did, today. Take our advice from past years and make yours a special one!

By my clock, you have 12 minutes. Good luck!