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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Decade of the Dictionary

Exactly ten years ago today, give or take a nanosecond, we started The Dictionary of Unfortunate Ideas. The whole concept was to give us a place to write humor and you a place to read it. Obviously, this has not been the most active of blogs lately, a problem I hope to rectify soon, but for the first 5-6 years this place was hoppin'.

So, how to celebrate ten years of silliness, satire, and something else starting with the letter "s" (not "sex" you pervs)? Well, I'm celebrating by taking a walk down memory lane, and, after I'm done working through my many childhood issues, by posting some of my very favorite pieces from the last ten years. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have, and are moved to tweet about them as much as One Direction fans tweet about those guys (and I don't mean proportionally, so please get on that soon).

There are so many bits I love on our blog, I could never get all of the best in one post, but this is a good sample. If you love us or hate us after reading these, you'll have a pretty good idea about the rest. If you want more, I strongly recommend the Best Of lists on the sidebar.