You mess with Harpo Marx, you get the horns.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

About that Turducken... was quite good. The obvious joke is to say that it tasted a bit like chicken, but of course it had chicken in it, so there you have it. There was absolutely no hint of turd though, thank heavens.

The biggest surprise was that the duck part (presumably the middle) wasn't nearly as gamey-tasting as one might expect. The cajun-sausage stuffing wasn't particulary firey, but Mrs. Fando was grateful for that, as she considers eating anything past pepperoni on the spicy scale masochistic.

I therefore can now state that I am a fan of turducken. Let the turducken be served wherever there are large feasts or parties or shindigs or soiree's or some other kind of party beginning with the letter "s." Set aside your hams and turkeys and roast goose and let there be turducken!

Actually, I'd really like to figure out a way to get ham and some bacon in a turducken. That might just be the perfect holiday main course, especially if coated in a liberal application of bacon salt.