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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How do you say, "It ain't over 'til it's over" in Croatian?

The final of the professional basketball league in the former Yugoslavia was quite a humdinger. The Serbian team, Partizan, misses two free throws and gives the Croatian team, Cibona, a chance to win the game.  Cibona, hits a three pointer with just 0.6 seconds left on the clock. Their team goes into a frenzy, celebrating their miraculous win. Then, Partizan inbounds the ball and one of their players heaves a last second shot down the court, about 60 feet...and it goes in.

Let's just say that the Cibona players were a trifle surprised.

However, the truly interesting thing is the commentary.  I've translated it below so you can get a real feel for how shocked everyone was.

Play-by-Play Commentator: ...And Roberts misses the second free throw. Cibona comes down the court, now. The ball goes in to the corner to Bogdanovich.  He shoots a last-second three pointer. Wow! It goes in. Great shot by Bogdanovich.

Color Commentator: He was under a lot of pressure there.  Just a really great shot.

Play-by-Play Commentator: Yes, a terrific ending to the game and [Dusan Kecman's long range shot goes in]... what the ****? Did that just ******* happen?

Color Commentator: ******* unbelievable! ****, I can't ******* that *****!

Play-by-Play Commentator: ******* Kecman ***** *******, and made the **** ****** ************ shot!

Color Commentator: *******! ******* ***** ***** **** ****, ********. ******* ***** ******** ***** *********!!

Play-by-Play Commentator: I agree completely!

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