You mess with Harpo Marx, you get the horns.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I've Got a Hunger for Some Games

The sequel to the Hunger Games has inspired me a wee bit. 

Sounds of Violence (Sung to Simon and Garfunkel's Sounds of Silence)
Hello Katniss, my old friend
I see you've come to hunt again
Through the forest softly creeping
To kill your foes while they're still sleeping
And the arrows that are planted in their brains
Still cause pains
Amid the sounds of violence

Mid restless screams you walk alone
You bashed a girl's head with a stone
By the fire of a tribute's camp
You broke his collarbone with one cruel stamp
And his eyes were stabbed by the flash of a trident's flight
That split his sight
And touched the sound of violence

And in the naked fight I saw
A dozen tributes, maybe more
People bleeding without speaking
People dying without freaking
People drawing shots that Katniss cannot spare
Her quiver bare
Among the sounds of violence

"Fools", said Kat, "You do not know
I can still clock you with my bow
Feel my swings that I might flay you
Brake your arms and quickly slay you"
And her blows, like violent hailstones fell
And pummeled
In the swells of violence

The producers crowed and brayed
At the cash that their film made
But a sign flashed out its warning
Rotten Tomatoes was informing
And the sign said, "The words of the critics are written like a stern chorale
'Hey, it's Battle Royale,'"
And whispered in the sounds of violence