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Monday, December 03, 2007

Coming Soon to Earl's World - Real Turducken

Our church is having the old annual Christmas party this weekend and I was just informed yesterday that this year's menu will include an honest-to-goodness Turducken. I'm flabbergasted, of course.

For those of you who don't know what a Turducken is, and given that the first four letters of the dish spell T-U-R-D I'd guess that's a fair few, it is a stuffed chicken, stuffed inside a duck, stuffed inside a turkey and then roasted together. So that's "Tur" for turkey, "duck" for duck (oddly enough), an "en" for chicken. If it were me, I'd have named it a "Turuckken," "Turkeyduckchicken" or perhaps, so as to avoid all confusion, "Chickeninduckinturkeywithstuffing." Call me a literalist.

The story is that this particular Turducken will also be stuffed with Cajun sausage stuffing. Since I love the hot stuff, this is exciting news. I particularly enjoy hot Indian curries, Thai (my usual order of Pad Thai at the local eatery is at "Thai Hot" which is where they dump chiles into the dish until it's actually ablaze - feels that way anyhow), Chinese, and Mexican, but Cajun will more than suffice.

After sampling this outrageous dish, I intend to make a full report. Stew should be there as well, so this is a perfect opportunity to annoy him into posting. Nuffy will just have to simmer in jealously of the experience. Actually, he'll simmer in jealously, inside a fresh coating of envy, inside a large portion of hunger, which amounts to a "Jeaenvunger," if I understand the system at all.

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