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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Best of DOUI for 2007

Well, another year has come, stamped on top of our heads repeatedly, and then stalked off because we wouldn't share our twiglets with it. That's time for you, the right bastard. It's only a concept, but it's a vicious one.

Add to that the fact that the participation by the members was the weakest in our 3 year history and you will understand why this year's "Best of" post is a trifle shorter than in previous years. However, we hope to make 2008 the "annus mirabilis" for the Dictionary of Unfortunate Ideas, so stay tuned! Right Stew and Nuffy?

Guys? Mates? Anyone??

(Come on guys, I wrote "Annus!" It's Latin for year! Don't get the wrong idea!!)

Anyway, here are the selections.

The Top 20

The Best of the Rest

Here's looking forward to 2008.

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Happy Late New Year!

Still working on that "Best of Post." Promise! I haven't had anything stronger than fizzy grape juice and sweet iced tea, so it's not hangover related or anything. If anything, I'm coming down from a massive sugar high.