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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maybe We Should Have Named the School "America University?"

Drake University recently implemented a new marketing plan to promote the academic experience a student would get at the midwestern school.  I guess this story demonstrates the pitfalls of marketing a school whose name begins with the letter "D."

Drake's idea of "D+" as a marketing logo is right up there with the old Latin-American promotion of the Chevy Nova. You know, the car whose name in Spanish means "no go."

The marketers who foisted this plan on Drake have a great career ahead of them ... in satire. Who knows where these jesters will strike next?

  • The University of Notre Dame, where getting an education is as challenging and exciting as getting beaten up. They don't call us the Fightin' Irish for nothing.
  • Harvard University. When you pay this much for an education, you deserve to act like a snob.
  • Morehead State University. If you can find us, you're smart enough to get in!
  • The University of LasVegas. If you're going to gamble on your education, you've come to the right place!
  • The University of Hawaii. Get into a grass skirt today!
  • The University of Southern California. Come for an education. Leave with an agent.
  • Brigham Young University. Your college education should be beautiful and rewarding, just like your wives.
  • Alabam-Birmingham University. Just in case you couldn't remember which state Birmingham was in.
  • The University of Texas, where getting horny is encouraged!
  • Slippery Rock University. Find your balance with us.

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