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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Are Those Icicles, or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

One of my favourite bands, Sigur Ros, has a new album out. However, as is common with the paying media these days, the thing to get the most attention is the music video for the lead track, Gobbledigook, which features several people of both sexes engaging in energetic naturism.

Naturism is a pleasant-sounding word for frolicing about in the wild butt-naked. (For those of you Oogling for pics of naked people, no, there aren't any links. Shove off.)

Now presenting a paean to nudists is, as Bobby Brown might say (between doing lines of Colombian nose dust and slapping Whitney Houston about like she was one of the Three Stooges) their prerogative. However, one important fact should be added to this little bit of information.

Sigur Ros are from Iceland.

The country didn't get it's name because electric iceboxes were invented there. It's frickin' cold. It's cold in ways that just plain hurt. It's so cold that bare skin sticks to most anything, regardless of how abrasive the surface. Blue isn't just a fashion statement in Iceland, it's the color of most people's faces.

So either the band and the people in the video are brave in an incredibly, foolhardy sense*, or all the nerve endings in their geewhilickers froze up ages ago.

"Gobbledigook" then , is clearly Icelandic for "I no longer have any feeling in my extremites."

Great tune, though.

*Which is, of course, a polite way of saying, "daft as a flying penguin."

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